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We All Need a Resurrection

31 Mar
  1. Easter is not just about Jesus; it is about you. He has already claimed his new life; now is your chance to claim yours.
  2. Easter is not just about death; it is about life, and not just life after death – that’s the easy part – but real life before death, right now. You do not have to die to live.
  3. Easter is not just about the past, way back then and long ago; it is all about the future. Literally, I say to you, your best days are ahead of you. “Old things are passed away; behold, all thing are become new.” 

– The Rev. Peter J. Gomes

When God resurrected Christ, God placed Christ in a new universe beyond the reach of historians, into an eternal realm. Christ’s resurrection allows all of nature to experience rebirth, not just human beings. The resurrection is a symbol a new life, of hope springing forward.

We are all in need of a resurrection of one sort or another. It may be time to resurrect damaged personal relationships. It may be time to resurrect that well-loved hobby you put on the shelf years ago. I’ve often wondered why people make “resolutions” on New Year’s Eve when Easter seems like a more logical choice for new beginnings.

We can look toward “the” resurrection and understand that we too can be victorious against all our enemies.  Continue reading

Why I’m Attending “Bold Boundaries”

24 Mar


“Bold Boundaries: Expanding Friendship Between Men & Women” is slated for April 26-27, 2013, in Chicago, IL. I attended last year and am attending again this year. Some of my friends find it odd that I, not Evangelical, not straight, would want to attend such a gathering. The conference is not specifically Evangelical, although many attenders might label themselves as such if pressed. The conference is also not exclusively straight, although the topic is about friendships between straight men and straight women.

I am attending again this year for several reasons. I met so many cool people last year and made new connections, and caught up with some existing friends, so this gives me reason enough. I have also developed a sort of hobby in engaging with Evangelicals, particularly about issues of gender, sexuality, and power. Continue reading

I am Jane Doe of Steubenville, Ohio

23 Mar


Note: The post discusses rape in a very graphic manner. If you have PTSD or are squeamish about this subject, I recommend you do not read it.

I am that girl – Jane Doe – of Steubenville, OH; you know, the one who should have known better than to drink that much? At least that’s what some people say, in 2013, in our “blame the victim” culture. I was sure that’s what they’d say in 1977, my freshman year of college, which is one reason I never reported my rapist.

On a cold January night, I made the short walk from campus with a couple of other students to a frat party in town. Frat parties encourage nothing but drinking and reckless behavior, with males getting “all you can drink” for a few bucks and females getting “all you can drink” for nothing. It never occurred to me that the goal was not only to get as many females there as possible but to make sure they were inebriated. Continue reading

Bang-Bang; Are We All Dead?

13 Mar


2 Corinthians 10:4

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

This month’s syncroblog addresses “Guns and Gods” from a faith perspective. See the bottom of this post for blogger’s posts on this topic.

When told of this subject, someone close to me remarked, “Gods and guns? He doesn’t have any.” In evaluating almost everything, I ask myself, “Does this build up or tear down the Holy?” In the case of guns, my answer is a clear “Tear down!” Continue reading

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